I took the plunge…

and moved to Canada! Two weeks ago (February 11th 2017) I made the 'big' move and came to Canada with a Working Holiday (International Experience Canada) work permit. I had known that I would be moving since August 2016, but kept it a secret from my work place (for obvious reasons) until just before the Christmas/New … Continue reading I took the plunge…


“Sometimes, you find yourself in middle of nowhere…”

For the past year or so I have been thinking about going back to school, but yet I still haven't made the decision. I'm a 26 year old Graphic and Media graduate from UAL in London, working locally on a salary that is very nice to have where I live. It's probably more than I'd … Continue reading “Sometimes, you find yourself in middle of nowhere…”

“early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

We have quickly come to the end of March and I don't think that I have kept up my fitness regime game like I would have liked to. After watching this video and reading this article from Refinery29 (I am SERIOUSLY in love with this site at the moment) I have been inspired. I am … Continue reading “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”


Easter Weekend 2016

Happy Easter everybody! I hope that everyone has had an egg-cellent long weekend, the weather has been up and down but it is finishing on a high (thank god - storm Katie took its turn earlier in the day and that did not look pleasant!) OH and I completed my lent challenge, so it's been … Continue reading Easter Weekend 2016


Clean wardrobe, clear mind…

The other weekend I finally decided to tackle my wardrobe and do a good clear-out. I'm pretty sure I say this every week as we get copious amounts of charity bags through the door, what a perfect way to get rid of clothes (and sometimes other bits) that you don't need or want anymore. So … Continue reading Clean wardrobe, clear mind…


Insta-loves: 01

Insta-loves is a post about the top 5 Instagram accounts that are captivating my eye at the moment.


Lets get green!

Lately I have been really into greenery.  It seems like every Instagram post that's in the 'explore' section are living room photos with people having amazing plants and artwork in them. (I realised a trend of the locations of these Instagrammers..the PNW. More on that later...) After obsessing over all of these Instagram posts I … Continue reading Lets get green!