and moved to Canada!

Two weeks ago (February 11th 2017) I made the ‘big’ move and came to Canada with a Working Holiday (International Experience Canada) work permit. I had known that I would be moving since August 2016, but kept it a secret from my work place (for obvious reasons) until just before the Christmas/New Year holidays. So after the New Year, the count down was on at work, and boy did it go quickly.

Originally I wasn’t going to come until around March/April, but I thought why am I waiting? It’s not going to change anything – might as well just do it. I think it was the best time too, seeing as I’ve got myself a job now which I might not have got if I had moved at a later date!

I’m not sure if it ever ‘hit me’ that I was moving how many miles away from everything that I knew, and had got very comfortable doing – then again, I think that’s part of the reason for doing it. I’m not going to lie, I have moved over here to stay with my cousin for now…which is so nice. First of all, because usually we’d just spend a maximum of 2 weeks at a time together, once (maybe twice) a year if I’m lucky. We go to my aunty and uncles house every Sunday (yes, it has only been 2 Sundays so far) but it’s super nice that I get those home comforts here too, which I think has made the transition much easier than moving to a whole new city, not knowing anyone, and living alone (or with a random stranger!)

As I said above, I have managed to get myself a job (crack open the Champagne!). Better yet, it’s in my field which is amazing. I really wasn’t looking forward to going back to waitressing and shift work. This way, I can do what I love doing whilst having my evenings and weekends free to do whatever I please.

The first two weeks have flown by, but I think that I have made the most of it and been very productive. I mean, the first day on my own I managed to get the bus (Emma doesn’t even get the bus!) to go and get my SIN. I waited for the bus and got on, not having a clue where I was going and just waited to hear my stop – 30 minutes later I reached my destinations! All of it was surprisingly easy and the queue when I got there was only 30 mins wait which was even better. I had expected to be there for a good hour at least, and then I managed to use my bus ticket on the way back as you have a 2/3 hour limit with the one ticket you buy!

After I got back to Jackson Square I went and got my new SIM card and Canadian phone number. I have kept my english SIM but realistically I think I’m going to lose that number because I am using the same phone from England. I changed my contract back home to pay as you go, and there’s no money on that so it should all be fine. If I don’t use the number at least once every 90 days I lose it, and realistically I’m not going to be taking my Canadian one out of my phone to put my UK one in just so I keep the number!

Next task, the bank! I managed to get an appointment for the Tuesday morning. That was all pretty straight forward too. I finally got my new card in the post this week, super confusing and different to the UK but I should soon get the hang of it – not sure how I’ll be shopping online though without a Credit Card!

After all of those bits were sorted, it was time for me to crack on with the job hunt – which as I said above, went all swimmingly after sending a speculative email and I actually got a response! I start next Wednesday, so I have just a few more days of living the leisurely lifestyle. To be honest, I can’t wait to get back into some sort of routine and be busy!

The weekend just gone was a long weekend as it was Canada /Family Day on the Monday, so we spent a lot of the time with my aunty and uncle, which was lovely. Plus, the weather couldn’t have been better for February in Canada! So sunny, a bit chilly, but wonderful nonetheless.

This weekend we are having a party for Emma’s Housewarming and with me arriving! Now I guess it can be a celebration of getting a job too. YAY!



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