Here in England we’re lucky enough to get two bank holidays in May, one at the beginning and one at the end. Now I’m a full time worker, I try to make the most of the extra day and go away for the weekend to make it worth it. This year, we went to Devon. We have friends who live in the Croyde area in North Devon, and go and stay with them. Love the family, whenever we get together it’s as if we see each other all of the time, and not just twice a year (give or take).

The one thing that I can guarantee on when we go to Devon is…rain. I can’t remember the last time we went down for a long weekend and it didn’t rain at least once during the weekend. I think we got one good day this time. Saturday was the best day, we would usually go down on the Thursday evening but as mum had to work on the Friday morning, my sister and I only took the Friday afternoon off too. I think Friday was a good day for weather, but obviously we were either at work or travelling for the most part. I think leaving a bit earlier on the Friday helped us out just a bit on traffic though, we arrived around 8.30/9pm which is a bit better and nicer than the midnight we would normally do on the Thursday…but you do get the extra whole day, so I’m not so fussed about that.

The wine was ready and the nattering began. Jinny makes the most amazing Thai curry so we had sort of requested that for dinner and as usual it delivered on all accounts. PLUS the brownies that she makes, absolute heaven, the centre pieces of the batch are so moist and gooey it’s incredible.

As the Saturday was the best day we went on a nice long hike somewhere a bit different. The boys were playing football in the day so they couldn’t come on the walk with us, not sure how keen they would have been to do it either though…it took a bit longer than expected. We went on a different route so that we could catch the end of their football match…we got there with about 5 minutes to spare. I think we anticipated seeing the majority of the second half! Oh well, they unfortunately lost and both got carded so probably best we missed most of it! Or could we have been the lucky charms ?Who knows…

Saturday night came around and it was time for us ‘kids’ to go out. We had a lovely meal on Saturday evening, first BBQ of the year! The boys manned up and did it all, reluctantly at first I may add. It all tasted to perfection and no one was ill with food poisoning so hats off to you. We went out to the usual places, the one and pretty much only bar in their small town (might I just add, and I couldn’t stop going on about it, how cheap their Pinot Noir was in there?! Absolute steal so clearly I took advantage of that bad boy!) and then got the last bus into Barnstable to make our rounds of Wetherspoons (can’t believe we had to pay £2 to get in mind you!) then to a place called the Tavern and then the ‘nightclub’ Fever. They make me and my sister feel a tad old whenever we go out with them because they are and all of their friends ages range from 19 – 22! They are a right barrel of laughs though, so it’s all good and they all make you feel super welcome too. Safe to say we had an awesome night, ending it in whatever room it’s called in Fever that played songs from about 10 years ago. It was basically Karaoke for all of us, even if some of them were only 10 when some of the songs came out!

We all felt alright on Sunday morning which was a good thing but the weather did not! We managed to get out a bit but kinda totally crashed around 3pm when we chilled out and watched TV for a bit. Sunday went so quickly it was lame, and then Monday morning was terrible weather too. We did manage to have our ritual Squires fish and chips lunch before heading home though.

It’s always such a shame to say goodbye to them because we all get on like a house on fire.I do wish they weren’t that 6hour drive away sometimes! We’re back down for the August bank holiday though, so it’s all good. Fingers crossed for a better weather weekend and maybe even get down to the beach!


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