We have quickly come to the end of March and I don’t think that I have kept up my fitness regime game like I would have liked to. After watching this video and reading this article from Refinery29 (I am SERIOUSLY in love with this site at the moment) I have been inspired. I am going to get off my ass and create myself a schedule.

Now the clocks have gone forward, and we’re (finally) in what feels like spring the evenings are so much lighter and sooner rather than later the mornings will be nice too. They are already getting lighter by the day! Even though I know in the morning my running can be hit or miss, I have decided that I am going to get up early to do the different fitness schedules then rather than in the evening. This way, I can get up and feel great. As Lucie Fink quoted from Benjamin Franklin “early to bed and early to rise, makes a woman healthy, wealthy and wise”. Health, yes, wealth in the literal sense, probably not (maybe the wealth of feeling good and all that?) and wise, who knows!

I have decided that I will be getting up early on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Not Mondays because, lets be honest it’s the beginning of the week and sometimes that alarm going off is most certainly not your friend. So, Tuesday it is…and Wednesday so that’s two days of getting up and going for it. I will be mixing it up with a run and then doing a fitness video from Youtube or something. I have a done a few of these before and they have burned like a bitch so I’m positive that they have results! Friday morning will probably be a run too. I guess things may change depending on the weather, but I will do something on these days. Plus, if I do three things during the week, I won’t feel guilty for not doing any exercise at the weekend!

Another note to make is, as I’ll be getting up earlier I will be able to get a few more things done in the morning. I do try to do this now and again, but then get back into the routine of just getting up when I need to get into the shower, get dressed and eat breakfast. I am looking forward to doing a bit of research, reading and other chores in the morning! I can’t go into work any earlier than I do now, so that’s a no go area.

By doing all of this in the morning means that I will have more energy for the day and hopefully be more upbeat and happier. I’m not saying I’m unhappy, I just think that I will feel better within myself too. I will also have more time after work to do other things, and be more sociable. Maybe even start a new project, blog more etc. I try to go into London as well to see a few of my friends from university at different times so I can be more flexible with those dates as well. Hey, maybe I’ll even have a bit more spontaneity into my life!

This will be good for me. Lets see how April goes shall we…bring on the new, brighter, better me.




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