Happy Easter everybody! I hope that everyone has had an egg-cellent long weekend, the weather has been up and down but it is finishing on a high (thank god – storm Katie took its turn earlier in the day and that did not look pleasant!) OH and I completed my lent challenge, so it’s been no chocolate for how many weeks(!?)…I started Sunday off with a cream egg, and then some chocolate cake after lunch, a few mini eggs during the day and then a lush brownie to finish my day off too. I must say, I didn’t miss it but it tasted damn good I tell you!

This weekend has been a lot better than I expected it would be at the beginning of the week that’s for sure. At the beginning of the year, we thought we would do the same as last year which would be to go down to Devon to see our family friends who live in Braunton (not far from Croyde Bay/Woolacombe area) but alas, their immediate family from Ireland were planning on going down which was fine. Next, my sister and I thought great, we will go and visit one of our best friends in Bristol because after all it’s a long weekend and you want to make the most of it, right? Well, about a month ago plans changed and meant that we weren’t going to Bristol any more either. So, what were we to do? I was expecting a long mundane weekend but I am happy to say it hasn’t been. We stayed at home all weekend yes, but spent time with some fabulous people and did a few different things.

Friday, we had planned a busy day. Our first plan, to go to the cinema to see Zootropolis (it typically turned out to be the best weather day, and what had we planned to go, to sit inside for a couple of hours, how typical!) We decided to go to the first showing of the day which was 12.50pm – this way, we would still have the afternoon. We were running a bit late into the cinema, but we knew we had just enough time to grab some popcorn and take our seats (we had aisle seats so were weren’t going to be those annoying people who move everyone out of the way when the lights have turned off). We got in there just in time for the first trailer (one of my favourite parts of going!) The film was hilarious, so funny and I couldn’t recommend it enough. I heard someone say on the radio that some of the detective story line might go over a lot of children heads but we had a fabulous time, and if anything the animals actions are funny enough for young ones to enjoy!

Next up, food (obviously). The only thing I had had to eat that day was a homemade brunch at 11am and then half a bag of popcorn that I shared with my sister. By the time the film had finished it was 3pm, so I was definitely ready to grab some grub! We had actually gone out after work on Thursday evening to a bar in town, I had a few beers and a glass of red, but I felt fine on Friday morning (I think it had something to do with the chicken burger that I devoured in the evening) whereas one of our friends didn’t feel so great. Name me one cuisine or food type that you’d love when you’re feeling a bit jaded? Yeah, you guessed it – a burger. Yes, ANOTHER burger for me then…luckily I had chicken on Thursday evening, so for the Friday burger I had what they call a Oxford Don. It was delightful, it wasn’t too big either. Sometimes I think they put extra ingredients in just for the sake of it! And of course we shared a few sides, onion rings, skinny fries and sweet potato fries. It all did the trick and refuled us nicely!

After we ate, the weather was still pretty beaut so we decided to take the long way home. Instead of just walking back up the hill, we took a detour over the fields instead. Through the old lanes and down the paths of the crops, with the sun setting behind us. The day couldn’t have ended on a higher note. We all enjoyed it so much, and it was so nice to be outdoors with friends talking about god knows what.

When we got home, it was about 6.30pm by now – we were meant to be going round a friend house before town – where had the time gone?! We had a quick turnaround and went straight into town instead and off to the pub. We sat outside, and it was FREEZING. Our friends were outside because they were smoking so it would have been rude not too, but let me tell you it’s no California spring over here! (what a shame eh?! I wish so bad) plus the heater over us wasn’t even working, epic fail. We actually left the pub around 10.30 (my friend who we were with was dropping us back home and she had a half hour car journey to do after a long day – I think we all had had it to be honest). When I got into bed I was also so cold, I must have got super chilled sitting outside. I had to put my joggers and socks on to warm myself up and amazingly I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night sweating, so I really must have been cold!

Saturday Grandad was coming down – myself, sister and mum popped into town in the morning to get a few bits and pieces and then headed back home. We waited for him to arrive and then had some lunch. The weather was awful in the afternoon, but we managed to escape the rain on a walk we went on…just! It had started to drizzle, so we ran home…!

In the evening a couple of our cousins were coming over plus a one of their husbands for dinner. Mum was cooking up a storm in the kitchen, we were having roast beef with all of the trimmings. I contributed by cooking what I must say were amazing and massive yorkshire puddings that everyone loved. We had some cake for dessert too, however as I was doing lent until Sunday I couldn’t have any. They nicely left me a tiny bit – there was talk of finishing it all just so I couldn’t have any, how mean are they!? We had such a lovely evening, our family get-togethers are just the best. We hadn’t seen one of them for a while either so it was really nice to catch up.

Sunday, boy the weather again wasn’t at its best. We didn’t get up to too much in the morning but again we went on a little walk just to stretch our legs in between the rain. We popped round to our cousins house that her and her husband live in, Grandad hadn’t been there for a while and also wanted to see their nice new Range Rover too! A couple of hours later we decided we should head home, this was after we realised that The Boat Race was on, so we watched that captivating race – especially after what sadly happened to the Cambridge girls boat. We had to watch and see how the boys got on! We upped and left when that was done to come home and prep for dinner. It was nice to just chill in the evening to be honest. The Night Manager finale was also on at 9pm so we definitely were watching that, and what an ending that was! It was seat edging stuff I tell you.

The final day of our long weekend – Monday. What did I do you ask? I went to The Waffle House in St Albans with a few friends. This was my first time going there (my friends had been there before) and I was certainly not disappointed. By the time we got there it was around 11.30am, we queued a bit but it went pretty quickly. At this point in the morning I hadn’t had any breakfast, so I was ready to eat eat eat! As I hadn’t had anything yet, I went for a savoury option – Hummous and Avocado. It was delightful as it also had a chilli and balsamic glaze on top and the amount of hummus they give you, jeez, so much! After we stuffed our faces we had a wonderful walk into St Albans town centre. I hadn’t been there properly for ages, and I really forgot how beautiful that place is. I think I will try and visit more often now. The shops are a bit different too, much better selection than we have!

I’m finishing up my weekend with left over chicken pie (what else?!) and another slice of cake – my mum is amazing and baked another, winner winner chicken dinner (no pun intended). I’m just hoping there’s something exciting on TV to end a very nice, busy but relaxing weekend.

Thank you, and good night!





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