So, it’s that time of year when you start thinking about your summer holidays, because lets face it this dismal weather is just way too depressing. All you want it to do is go up a few degrees, show a bit of sun and you’ll be set. I have to admit, I already have Amsterdam, Devon, San Francisco and Copenhagen in my diary for trips this year, but I need that summer sun, chill out holiday too. I didn’t get one last year, as I did a lot of city breaks, which I love, but I just can’t wait to sit by the pool(or beach) with a drink in my hand, staring up into that bright blue sky. The toughest task of all though, you know you want sun, sea and sand but where to go?

As this isn’t my major holiday this year, San Francisco is, I have decided to go away for 5 days, instead of a 7/10/14 days. It is however, my mums only proper holiday of the year so we’ve got to make it a nice one. Plus, lets face it, I’m at the age now where I’d much rather pay that bit extra and stay in a nice place. So, destination was key for a cheaper but decent accommodation and location holiday.

We’ve got the budget of no more than £500 on flights and accommodation. Initially we did think a week, but then realised that even if we went self catering that budget is near impossible! My sister and I checked out our destination lists, resorts in Greece, Croatia and the French Riviera being the most realistic top three for this time of year and duration.

I asked a few girls from work where’s the best to go to in Greece, they suggested resorts in Rhodes, Crete, Kefalonia and Corfu. I searched on numerous websites (the usual Expedia, lowcostholidays and Thomson and found some wonderful places. One being Mr and Mrs Smith Hotels, and boy I cannot wait to explore these hotels when I’ve got another half. I searched for either half board or self catering, there’s three of us in a room too, so sometimes that can catch you out in terms of room sizes, and availability! A good few hours later, I came to the conclusion that if we want to go to Greece, we’d be spending £700/800 and that was way over budget. Maybe next year eh?

Next on the list, Croatia. I’ve heard amazing things about this place so I really would like to go one day. I’ve heard it’s super beautiful too. I did a bit more research, asked a few other people that I know who have been there. One of my friends even said it’s in his top three places in Europe to visit. So, I continued to search. Another stumble was where to go in Croatia, there are a few places to choose from depending on what you’re after. I know other people have travelled around too, so going for a week would have been perfect. However, because of the budget we have given ourselves and the time frame it’s over budget again.

You might be thinking, surely these places aren’t over budget, you can do these holidays for cheaper if you really wanted too, right? Wrong, for starters my mum’s a teacher so we have to go in the school holidays. God knows how families of 4 or however many afford to go away in the summer, it must be costing them an arm and a leg! When we were younger we went camping in France, basically every summer and they were the best holidays ever. Can’t imagine how much they cost, but looking now when I’m older has certainly got me thinking. I don’t have a family of my own, but things are only going to get more expensive in time I bet! I guess my family and I will just have to be creative with our holiday choices & you know what, I cannot wait. Even if it’s going somewhere to camp, being with my family and having fun will be just perfect.

Okay, back to business. France, my sister wanted to go here last year but we didn’t get round to it, so I think she was super happy that it was on the list again. We’ve all wanted to go and sip on a cocktail or two al fresco on the coast of France. We decided we can get cheaper flights if we change the dates from Saturday – Saturday, to Wednesday – Monday. So for less days as I said before, and as they’re not at the weekend it’s way cheaper for us too. Yes, it’s slightly annoying in terms of what days we take off work but oh well, it’ll be nearly the same amount of time. We can get flights from Luton early in the morning, which is super convenient for us – much better than Heathrow or Gatwick, flying easyJet too. Then getting a late night flight back on the Monday, I mean, why not spend all the time you can there eh?

I am excited. Bring on the sun, sea, sand and French Riviera. Holidays, and it feels so right!

Plan of action now – I am just waiting for my manager to confirm the dates that I have requested off of work so that we can officially book. I think we have found a hotel too. It isn’t the most glamorous, but it looks super cute, super French, not much money (no more than £450!) and it’s number 25 or so out of over 100 on TripAdvisor! So all in all, I think it’s a safe bet, don’t you?



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