The other weekend I finally decided to tackle my wardrobe and do a good clear-out. I’m pretty sure I say this every week as we get copious amounts of charity bags through the door, what a perfect way to get rid of clothes (and sometimes other bits) that you don’t need or want anymore. So this week, we received one in the post and after reading this and this  from The Everygirl I was ready to tackle the challenge.

I started the clear-out right to left, I thought that this would be easiest as I thought that side had the clothes I least liked – turns out I was wrong. I forgot how many (summer) dresses I had. I knew I had a few, but boy do I have more. They’re all so beautiful and chill too, all I need now is for the weather to warm up. I won’t be wearing any of them for a while if these 5 degree celsius and lower temperatures keep up, plus the rain. Please, just go away now.

Gradually moving left, I kept all of my cardigans. I have had the majority of these for a while now, I think they’re gems. A mixture of lengths, colours and styles keeping my wardrobe fresh and versatile. So all of these were definitely staying.

Next up – my work clothes. At my work you can pretty much get away with wearing anything, it’s as casual or as smart as you’d like it to be. Yes, you would feel fairly overdressed if you turned up in a pant suit, but hey there’s nothing stopping you if you really want too. I usually go for a black jean/long skirt nice shirt/top combo. Maybe in the summer I’ll bring out a couple of dresses, but usually it’s my jeans and a top making it that bit smarter with a cardi. Most of the tops are the ones that I don’t wear on weekend or evenings anymore. I think that this is the best way to figure out what to wear to work, it’s not that I don’t like the clothes, I just think they’re not as much ‘me’ as they would be if I was to wear them at other times. If that makes sense at all. A couple of the shirts I did specifically buy for work purpose, I have this marvellous one thats from MINKPINK, the pattern is just so funky and vibrant – I love it. After sieving through I chucked a couple of things that I’ve had for the two years I’ve worked for my company now, so that gave me a bit of room. It probably wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped for this section.

To the tops! Oh so many tops. Long sleeve, short sleeve, cropped, long, thick, thin…the list could go on. I think I am covered for any weather permitted if I really wanted to be. Just a few old bits that have REALLY gone out of fashion, and in my mind think “why on earth did I buy that” went out in this section. I figured, even though I don’t have many what you’d call ‘going out tops’ I have enough to spruce what I do have up. Wear them with something else that does make it more of a statement piece, I need to get a bit more creative with my outfits. Use what I have, maybe buy a few bits of jewellery (this is one thing I do lack in) to change it up a bit. They don’t have to be expensive to work either. I could pop down to New Look or Topshop and find a few things to get straight away, I’m sure! So, a few hours later and after trying how many items of clothing on, I was done.

I have to be honest, the day before I did this I had gone into Zara and tried on a fair few beautiful dresses that I thought could be used for the day, but then would be a fab outfit for  dinner or date or something a long those lines. It’s safe to say I’m glad I didn’t a.get the clothes and b spend the money! Clearly I did not need them.

Before I started doing this, I thought that I’d be throwing a lot of things away, thinking yes, I can now buy more clothes – new ones that make me feel great about myself. In the end, yes I got rid of a fair few bits that really, needed to go, but I’ve still been left with a tonne of decent and wearable things that don’t need to be discarded like they have been. I need to wear what I have, rather than buying into all the emails that I get daily saying ‘check out our new range of…’ as tempting as all of that is, I don’t need it. Plus, on my funds side of things, I need to stop spending silly money on things I actually are just wants and not needs. I mean, I’m not saying I won’t be buying anything in the near future – if there’s a beaut item of clothing that I instantly fall in love with, I’d probably consider buying it…but doing this challenge it’s definitely make me realise and re-think my ideals of what a good outfit is in need of. Bring on bringing back some old clothes and turning them into something new.


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