For Mothers Day this year, my sister and I decided we’d do something a bit different plus do it on the Saturday so we didn’t have to depress ourselves by having work the next day. So, we booked tickets to see the matinee Beautiful: The Carol King Musical show as my sister had heard mum mention it in the past. As it was the 2.30pm show, we thought great, we can go to the show it will finish in a couple of hours or so and then we can chill out in a lovely coffee shop and then head to a nice restaurant in the evening.

The hunt was on for an awesome place to eat around Covent Garden/Leicester Square area because lets be honest, we didn’t want to walk a lot. I must say, it’s so addictive for a foodie like myself to Google these sorts of things. TripAdvisor is a great pal when it comes to searching and double checking that wherever you’re going to half decent. We were heading more towards Italian, because who doesn’t like Italian? Safe to say I found a fair few  (Sartori and Four to Eight were looking top runners) until I stumbled across Tredwells.

If you’ve heard of Tredwells, you’ll know that it in fact is no Italian, I was sold purely on the fact that it’s a Marcus Wareing restaurant. The cheapest of the 3(?) obviously, I am not made of money, even if it is for Mothers Day! I took a brief look at the menu and booked a table for 8pm. Giving us enough time to chill out in between. The musical would finish around 5.30pm, get out by around 6pm so we had around 1.5/2 hours to go and have a coffee (or cheeky glass of something).

So, the day finally came. The weather was lovely, and not wet (amazingly). We told mum on the Friday afternoon so that she knew what she had planned. We decided to get the 11am train into London so that we could go for brunch/lunch in Granger & Co. It was awesome as usual, mum had never been so it was a nice treat for her. We did however have to wait around half hour for a table (the downfall of having more than 2 in your party). The good thing about that was we got our first lot of drinks on the house from the very nice looking manager! I had the prawn, garlic and chilli linguine, it was just what I needed for lunch. Nice and light, yet filling at the same time. It left me just enough room to have a slice of their carrot and walnut cake. YUM!

We casually made our way to the tube station to Covent Garden. I had to get my bearings of where the theatre was because I hadn’t been there before, but we made it in good time. We had to queue a little outside whilst they were getting people in, so there wasn’t a massive queue inside. We finally got in, walked up the never ending stairs (we were definitely in the Gods) and sat down with anticipation. I think that my sister and I brought the average age down by quite a bit but oh my it was so much fun. The songs that she wrote with her husband, who knew they were by her! Except maybe 1 or 2 songs I knew them all. It went super quickly and was really captivating. The singing was incredible, and the piano playing – spot on. It was quirky, funny and just simply entertaining. Just what you need on a Saturday afternoon. I would definitely recommend seeing it!

Once it had finished we did, as expected, have some time to kill. We walked around for a bit, popped into Zara and tried a few things on – I did refrain from buying anything though. (well done me). We ended up in an All Bar one, just around the corner from the main Covent Garden square until it was time to walk down to Tredwells.

We walked into the restaurant and were taken upstairs, sat down and left to ponder the menu. Safe to say I could have eaten EVERYTHING. It all sounded so good, but alas I obviously had to make a decision. I went for the fishcake served with a duck egg to start and slow cooked beef short rib for main, plus chips – obviously. First off, the fishcake was delightful, so light and full of flavour. Just enough for a starter before the main. Oh, we also had a wonderful bottle of white wine to go with our meal. We had just the right amount of time between courses. When the beef came out I was shocked, normally when you go to a bit nicer restaurants the portion sizes aren’t the biggest, but they are still filling, this bit of meat was massive!! So unexpected, but what a great surprise. It also just fell off the bone, so I was certainly full when it was done. I obviously finished off the bad boy, that was not going to defeat me. My only regret is not having a glass of Pinot Noir to wash it down with (we stupidly ordered another bottle of white, not thinking about what I was eating for my main, plus my mum and sister prefer white so it kinda made sense). My sister order a dessert which she did kindly share with my mum. I was gutted that I couldn’t fit any more in my stomach, such a shame. We will just have to go back I guess! Oh, I nearly forgot, on Fridays and Saturday evenings from 8pm they have Jazz musicians in there, it was so nice to listen to a bit of live music whilst having such an enjoyable meal.

As we all had eaten our weight in food, we thought it would be nice to walk back to Kings Cross. We all love walking around London, and at night it’s even better. It was a lovely walk and we managed to just catch the quick train when we got to the station. We were all very sleep when we got on the train, so we did slightly doze whilst reminiscing our fabulous day.

All in all, I think mum enjoyed herself to the brim which is what it was all about. I hope you had a great Mother’s Day ma. Hopefully you won’t expect that treatment every year…


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