On the evening of Wednesday 25th February I received an email from Live Nation telling me that the one and only The Boss was coming over to the UK to do a few shows of his The River tour. The email informed me that the tickets were on sale tomorrow, my sister and I were thrilled. The amount of times that he EVER comes over here is about a million to none, we checked the date and to our great joy we are free for the date. So, on the morning of Thursday 26th we left for work slightly earlier than usual so we would get ourselves at our desks prior to the 9am deadline.

Of course, there was traffic but we made it just in time. I logged onto my computer and clicked onto the link that sent me to the page to buy tickets. The 1 minute countdown to click that all important refresh page was on, and boy did it go down hill from there…

As soon as I clicked refresh the website didn’t reload, it was a constant page of nothingness. Due to the lack of activity on the page, I loaded three other websites that I could buy these tickets on, (Ticketmaster, see tickets, you know the drill) the same thing…a simple and most frustrating message kept popping up, there’s up to 25 minutes waiting time. I even got a couple of colleagues involved to see if they had any better luck, because surely SOMEONE could get through to buy these amazing standing tickets at Wembley Stadium? No such luck, and my sister wasn’t having any better luck either. How hard is it to get tickets that you want!? That every once in a while you hope that the act will come over to the UK and perform, and the one time they do, you need to go.

We thought the gig was up (no pun intended). We weren’t getting any tickets, by about 9.45am we thought hey lets just be defeated and we will just get tickets next time…an hour later I get a phone call from my sister saying check out his website. With her direction, I went onto his website and clicked on the link to purchase tickets that way. The website was the same site as before, but miraculously we could buy tickets. Seated tickets that are up with the Gods, but hey they were tickets to see Bruce Springsteen!! I proceeded to get my credit card out, and purchased four tickets. Safe to say, we were a right happy bunch.

The day after, Friday 26th…we heard on BBC radio2  that this lady had managed to buy five  tickets, at different locations. I mean, how is that even possible. When we barely got tickets to one friggin show! I mean, either she is a super human or just crazy lucky. We also (obviously) have seen people selling on tickets for double/triple the price, which I still hate because it just isn’t fair for people like us who are dying to see them.

This is what gets to me, how is it so hard to get tickets to shows(or any popular ticket buying event)? You literally have to be on that site minutes before constantly clicking refresh hoping that your luck will roll around to say buy now. So many hopes and dreams can be deflated from all of the excitement about seeing the show, and then that gutting feeling of oh wait, they’re all sold out nowThanks very much Internet. 

I swear I used to be better at it, when I was younger I was always getting tickets to the popular shows that I wanted. Things seem to have changed, I guess more people have access to the Internet on all different devices nowadays…damn you technology. I guess this is going to be a love/hate relationship forever now.

Challenge Accepted. & Bruce, June 5th I’ll be seeing you.


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