Instagram, what a great place to find inspiration for anything and everything all in one place. Nowadays I find myself looking on the explore tab rather than running through my actual feed. Currently it’s fitting my fix of a creative outlet and inspiration for my home life – with the extra quote or two in for good measure.

These Instagrammers are floating my boat at the moment because I love the airy feel that they are capturing in their photos. The food styling and photography that Linda Lomelino creates is purely captivating. The sweet foods that you’ve got, oh my they make me want to bake bake bake! The different interiors that they present are really making me want to move out now and decorate. The mixture of cultures that are portrayed are quite inspiring. It really makes me want to do more creatively, to start something just for me with the possibility of sharing it with others. On the other hand, they’re making me want to get out there and explore, to travel, I mean why not? I’m a single 26 year old, should I be getting into the habit of a 9-5 job just yet? This morning I woke up and feel that the adventurer in me has been triggered. I just want to get out there, I think I am going to research a few things and get them booked in my diary. Even if they’re something small, for myself I need to do this. Just to get out there and explore, to push myself and indulge in my curiosities and maybe even find myself.

Credits for my top 5:

  1. @carlaypage
  2. @linda_lomelino
  3. @localwanderer
  4. @emily_katz
  5. @mavencollectpdx



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