Lately I have been really into greenery.  It seems like every Instagram post that’s in the ‘explore’ section are living room photos with people having amazing plants and artwork in them. (I realised a trend of the locations of these Instagrammers..the PNW. More on that later…)

After obsessing over all of these Instagram posts I have given in, I’ve got myself my first tiny little money plant. I did buy it to put on my desk at work but I can’t find a decent pot to put it in that makes my desk look fun, so I have kept it at home and I am so glad I did! Don’t get me wrong, I still want to make my desk space at work awesome, but for now home is where it is going to stay. I should probably buy one in a nice pot instead as most of them are in the brown pots and you need a dish to put it in!

I just can’t wait to get my own place. Living at home with my mum and sister (however much I love it, and lets face it – is very cheap rent) has its limitations with decorating. I love my house and what my mum has done with it, but I just can’t wait to move out and do everything and anything that I’d like to do with my house(or flat – depending what I can afford). Whether I decorate on a budget or splash a bit of cash for a few nice little things, I’ll be so happy that I have a home that I’m proud of.

I love how the plants bring the earthy-ness inside. However there is a limit, I don’t want it to look like a jungle. But just to bring a bit of real life into the home can create such a calm and beautiful atmosphere. Plants (and flowers) really do brighten up a place.

It reminds me of my trip last summer to Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. The scenery and vibe that those locations give you is just so calming and creative. If I could, I’d probably choose to live in Portland. I just love its quirks and curiosities.

When you’re in that city, you have the best of both worlds you get the wonderful city full of your weird and wonderful shops and restaurants (damn you Voodoo Donuts, leaving me wanting more, oh and how could I forget Salt & Straw!), creative minds working together and producing these great assets to the city . Then you get the green, you get the beautiful mountains not so far out of the city you can go for the day, and also Forest Park just a short walk out from the city centre. You can surround yourself with these trees that go on for miles, on or off the paths it’s an incredible experience. I envy the people that can go up there every weekend and trek around exploring something new (whilst getting fit – what’s better than that!?)

I would love to go back and explore it in more detail. Portland, you haven’t seen the last of me yet! & thank you for giving me a new passion for all things green and native – which I thought I had in me all a long, but you most certainly confirmed that for me.


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