Surely I’m not the only one that gets her haircut basically once a year? It’s hard to find a regular that you like going to, and that you want to small talk your way through a conversation for about an hour…I used to have that, over three years ago. She was the best, and I went to her house (where she had her own little salon room) you could just go, chill out and chat about anything and everything. Now, I have to find somewhere that I don’t mind spending that tiny bit more money on, and can tolerate talking too.

Last year I got my hair cut at a place in town, I knew a couple of girls that went there before so knew (and hoped) that it would be okay. It was alright last year, so I thought “why not, I’ll book it here again”. I booked two days before, so there was only a Junior Stylist left…to my surprise she was lovely and after a while we were chatting away, plus it cost only £25! My only regret is that I didn’t get more chopped off…

So, my hair was super long. I got four inches off and it still manages to land in the ‘long hair’ category. Whilst getting it cut I wasn’t sure if it was exactly what I wanted but, as I got a fair bit chopped off anyway, I went with it and decided not to go any shorter. When I got home I decided, I am going to go around summer time and not wait another year. I will go shorter, and be more adventurous. (Julianne Hough’s style at the mo is just killing it.)

On Saturday night I had my cousins husbands 30th birthday party. One of my friends said “hey, your hair looks nice it makes you look older too”, this got into my head. She was basically saying that I’ve looked maybe two? years younger than I actually am for how long…I mean, I’m sure I’d love that comment when I’m 40, but I’m only 26. Thinking that I look 2/3/4 years younger than my friends when I go out all dolled up, wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear. Therefore, this comment confirmed my thoughts, it’s going to get shorter and on a more regular basis.

I think the reason I didn’t get my hair cut on a more regular basis, wasn’t because of the money, or the awkward silences you get with your hairdresser, it was because I was scared, scared to get it cut shorter. This ‘epiphany’ couldn’t have come any sooner, I can’t believe I have waited so long to do something different. I’ve seen so many people go through different haircuts, trying new things out and being more ‘crazy’ and I’ve just stuck with the long, boring, shitty ends haircut.

I say, do what you want, sooner rather than later otherwise you’ll regret it. Be that bit more adventurous with your daily style, make an effort with your appearance, you’ll feel better in the long run.

I vow to get my haircut every three months (or four/five – time just goes so quickly nowadays!) just so that I am happy with my appearance and change it up a little bit.


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