Thanks to Award season, January is always one for films. For £16.90 a month, I get to see as many of these films as I would like, thanks to the wonderful world of Cineworld Unlimited.

A year ago my sister and I decided that with our love for cinema it would cost us an arm and a leg to watch all of the films that we would want to see in the cinema. We had one choice, and one choice only – to purchase a Cineworld Unlimited card. I got an email through the other day saying that I had saved over £100 in the last year. As a movie lover, it was probably the best decision I could have made.

When January hits, you know that your card is going to come in handy. Plus, you’ll get to keep up with all of the awards talk to see what they’re really talking about. Is it all crap or are they really some of the best films you will see this year?

I become addicted to watch each and everyone one of them to see what all the fuss is about. Who is to say a 5* film is really a 5* film, just because a critic told you so? I have watched many a film that hasn’t had the critically acclaimed reviews, and let me tell you I enjoyed them just as much as a box-office film – maybe even more sometimes. As long as the content is captivating, exciting, entertaining with an emotional (some definitely more than others) aspect I am good to go.

My January – Ten movies. Two films a week. Emotional roller coasting to say the least. In the Heart of the Sea, Joy, Room, The Danish Girl, The Revenant, Star Wars, The Big Short, Dirty Grandpa, 13 Hours & Spotlight.

I’m not going to lie, some of these films were hard to watch. Intense, dark, emotional, comedic, compassionate, dramatic – the list could go on. One film I’m ecstatic that it was in the mix, and the film is Dirty Grandpa. As much as I love a well written and shot true story, it is nice to break it up once and a while. What better way to do that than watch a half naked Zac Efron for 90 or so minutes?

So i say, bring it on. You’re your own critic at the end of the day. With Trumbo, Point Break and Deadpool (to name just a few) I have a feeling February is going to keep me just as entertained as January.

I’ll post reviews of a few of my favourites soon, so keep posted!


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